Heaven Naoussa's Lulaki Blue Double

"Loulaki" in Greek quite literally  translates to "Lilac" in English and represents a distinctive Greek blue color. The "Loulaki blue" is the color used in the traditional island settlements who use white and blue (Lulaki Blue) for the house exterior colors. History has it that the combination of white and blue was introduced during the dictatorial rule of Metaxas (dictator during the 4th of August Regime, from 1936 until his death in 1941), in a quest for order and uniformity.

Others argue that traditional island settlements used white and "Lulaki Blue" for practical reasons.

Houses in Greece are traditionally covered with a layer of plaster (Sovas in Greek, made out of calcium carbonate or lime stone). This plaster is regularly maintained by whitewashing by the same material which under the greek sun and because of its very bright white color creates visual uncomfort. In order to "break" the brightness, people started to add a bit of blue color in their whitewash.

Why Lulaki blue? Originally "loulaki" was the name of a cleaning agent, that had this distincive blue color. This Lulaki cleaning agent was used for washing clothes and most households had some. People started whitewashing their houses with this Loulaki mix which gave houses their distinctive blue color.

Myth or reality? Who knows? The one thing we are sure about is that Lulaki Blue is a very distinctive traditionaly blue color from Greece. Heaven Naoussa inspired by this Greek color created its Lulaki Blue Twin room.

If you are looking for the one special place to spend your holidays, then this is it! Stay in your very own special Lulaki Blue Double Room.

Heaven' s Lulaki Blue Double Room is for 1 to 2 persons; It is made of a king size bed and has its own ensuite WC/Shower room, and private balcony. It makes for very elegant accommodation.

Heaven Naoussa is in the center of Naoussa, the beautiful little fishing village on the North Coast of Paros, within walking distance of the port, the village center, beaches and more (only 200 metres)!






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Lulaki Blue Twin