Naoussa, Paros: the best Greek Cycladic holiday destination for a Heavely stay

PAROS, is one of the most Beautiful Cycladic Islands, with many white, Wonderful sandy beaches leading into the clear blue ocean. Naoussa, is Paros' Beautiful Fisherman Harbour town, an elegant and traditional place to enjoy your Greek Heavenly Holidays

PAROS is, situated about halfway between Athens (North) and Santorini (South), in the Aegean Sea and is populated by approximately 12.000 people. Once around the island is about 50 kilometres. Paros offers a good share of everything. Nature, peace and quiet, party, picturesque towns, beautiful beaches, interesting sightseeing, traditional village life, plenty of activities and more!

  • The main and most interesting towns are Parikia, Naoussa and Lefkes. Naoussa has the reputation of being very much like Mykonos town, just not that crazy!
  • You can travel to Paros best by flying to Athens, Santorini or Mykonos. From there you continue with a ferry or, if you manage to get a seat, a plane from Athens (Olympic Airways).
  • The most frequent connections are from Athens (ports Piraeus or Rafina) and you should see to it that your plane lands before approx. 3 p.m. so that you can catch a ferry the same day (the last boats to Paros leave around 5.30 p.m.), otherwise you have to stay overnight in Athens. If you land on Santorini, you should arrive before approx. 1 p.m., but there are exceptions too, and with Mykonos you usually have to stay overnight anyway.

When leaving Paros to catch your flight back home from Athens, you have to fly very late in order to do it all in one day (i.e. your flight from Athens must not leave before approx. 7 p.m.) and even then it is a risk if a boat is cancelled or late. Or take a night boat the day before your flight, but that is very strenuous. It's better to stay overnight in Athens on your way back.

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