Eating in Naoussa

When in Greece, do like the greeks. Wine, food, and art, though as a way of enhancing life back in Greek and Roman times, will be an essential part of your holiday!

  • Eat like the Greeks: "Taverna Eating"

Greek "Tavernas" are the Greek equivalent of the French Bistrot, the Italian Trattoria or the English pub. Tavernas generally offer travitionnal Greek food at low prices and in an authentic local atmosphere. There is no way to really differentiate one Taverna from the other so explore until you find the one to your tastes. For fish, there are specialised Tavernas called Psarotaverna which literally means "Fish Tavernas" (Psari is fish in greek).

What's on the Menu

Greek taverna are the place to try all of the Greek specialities. What do you have to try while in Greece?

  • Greek salad with every meal ("horiatiki salata" = village salad, is best)
  • Fresh Fish of any kind (you can ask to see the fish before it is cooked)
  • Kalamari= squid (fried or sautéed with onions and red wine)
  • Gyros (gee'ros.) As you will find out not all gyros are created equal, ask the locals for the best restaurant.
  • Octopus grilled on charcoal with lemon.
  • Spinach Pie (spanakopita)
  • Cheese Pie (Tyropita)

You should try some of the Greek delicacies such as Pasticcio, Mousaka, or giuvetsi, or from a variety of pasta dishes. Greeks often ignore menu items when ordering and instead they custom order their own plates and most often order much more food than is possible to consume!

The Taverna Tradition & Atmosphere

Greek dinner starts sometime around 10:00 PM and ends sometime after 1:00 or two AM!
The atmosphere of most tavernas (especially the ones the locals frequent) is most festive into the wee hours of the morning with loud conversations which relegate the greek music to a background role, children running everywhere, cigarette smoke mixed with the aromas of tasty dishes, small cats under tables in search of scraps, and much beer and wine flowing happily from glass to mouth.


In Naoussa:

  • Try Soso's for their Fish Salad
  • You can't miss Romantica's grilled lamb "Paedakia"

Eating in Naoussa