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Paros in May

  • May 1rst- Bank Holiday "May Day Holiday" which in Greece is traditionally a day in which flower wreaths are made or Protomagiatiko Stefani.
  • May 7th - Celebration of Aghios Ioannis tou Spilioti (St John the Cave) with music and dancing at the cave in Antiparos.
  • May 8th - Celebration sin Drios for the small chapel of St John the Theologian (Aghios Ioannis Theologos). There is a liturgy and procession and the villagers offer food and drinks in celebration.
  • May 20th - Feast celebrating Aghios Constantinos
  • May 22nd- Concert at the Paroikia amphitheater to raise funds for the restoration and repair of the church of Aghios Constantinos in the Kastro area.
  • 23rd & 24th of May- Pentikosti celebrations in Lefkes ( Whitsunday) and Aghiou Pnevmatos (Whitmonday).

Paros in June... Coming Soon